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Ellipsis Earth harnesses the power of technology (imagery, machine learning and object recognition) to identify, map and track litter in the environment​. MORE TEXT HERE! MORE TEXT HERE!MORE TEXT HERE!MORE TEXT HERE!MORE TEXT HERE!MORE TEXT HERE!MORE TEXT HERE!MORE TEXT HERE!MORE TEXT HERE!MORE TEXT HERE!MORE TEXT HERE!MORE TEXT HERE!MORE TEXT HERE!MORE TEXT HERE!MORE TEXT HERE!

use any camera

rapid processing

automated geofencing

47 litter categoies



accuracy and certainty

globally comparable results

use any camera

rapid processing

automated geofencing

47 litter categories



accuracy & certainty

globally comparable results


our founder

Ellipsis Earth was founded by research scientist, environmentalist and award-winning science communicator Ellie Mackay.


Mackay studied at Cambridge University and Imperial College London to gain BSc and MSc degrees in natural sciences, environmental science and science communication. She has over a decade of experience as an educator, having worked as a secondary science teacher, Oxbridge and G&T leadership manager, and Dean of Higher Education in international schools. Her years of hands-on experience in the classroom means she understands how to encourage the very best from her students, employing a wide range of novel educational methods to challenge, inspire and engage students at every academic level. As an award-winning educator she was instrumental in the curriculum development of several international schools, before taking on leadership and consultancy roles in Science and STEM education across SE Asia. 

With a passion to connect the next generation to key scientific issues, she is also a prominent extreme environment drone pilot, podcast host and film director, telling the stories that matter most from around the world.


Her vision for Ellipsis Earth is to create a complete ecosystem for positive environmental change, through scientific research, education and creative communication, all underpinned by Ellipsis’ expert use of technology. Mackay is global ambassador for WomenTech, an Airwards #dronesforgood judge, and is a keen advocate of inclusivity and equality in STEM and Tech.


Mackay is supported by an experienced and dedicated team of passionate specialists, all of whom share her desire to harness real-world data and drive lasting impact.

'I think science is really importanterer'



‘Every school should have a Miss Mackay’

Eddy Moore, Head of Sixth Form, Epsom College Malaysia


our mission


In 2019, Ellipsis Earth helped to map plastics in the Ganges River, which contributed to changing the way plastics are produced, traded, disposed of and understood in India and Bangladesh.


In 2020, Ellipsis Earth measured the impact of cigarette butt littering in Sorrento, Italy, showing a 69% reduction and 500,000 cigarette butts stopped from entering the ocean as a result of our campaign recommendations.


In 2021, Ellipsis Earth is working with McDonald’s and Hubbub to reduce urban littering in the UK through a range of social interventions and council litter strategies based on our robust data.

coming Sept 21

The goal of Ellipsis Earth is to power informed decision making by providing robust, reliable and comparable data on environmental pollution around the world. Without reliable data, our best efforts are being wasted - solutions are wrongly applied, poorly targeted and inefficient/ineffective. By providing accurate data, we can identify trends and successfully measure impact, celebrate big wins and target critical hotspots.


Ellipsis Earth also champions effective science communication, to tell the right stories, reach the right audiences and create the best lasting impact. 


Data helps tell the story. Stories help drive change. Changemakers make the world a better place. 

watch our Sorrento campaign video:

Together, we can foster a sense of environmental wellbeing in the next generation, enabling them to understand, empowering them to act, and encouraging them to advocate for progress. 

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