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"It’s been fantastic working with the team at Ellipsis. They are so passionate about what they do and had so many great ideas to create a really unique learning opportunity for our students. Ellie is a brilliant presenter who knows how to motivate students and get them excited about STEM, and the tech really made our schools feel like they were part of something bigger."

Beejal Parekh, International Opportunities Manager, International Schools Partnership 

for students
  • develops multiple non-assessed skills including teamwork, collaboration, critical thinking, learning through failure, resilience, independent thinking, planning and responsibility

  • develops eco-minded individuals and gives them the tools to better understand the issues and solutions, as well as the ability to communicate their findings with more impact

  • builds self-confidence and ability in STEM subjects and encourages exploration of new topics and subjects

  • encourages creative expression and develops a sense of pride and inclusion for all students

  • delivers representation of diversity and inclusion in STEM careers, redefining STEM roles and ways to make a difference

  • a fun, engaging, different and memorable way to learn about a wide range of topics from experimental design and statistics to multimedia production, all with a tangible focus and output

for teachers
  • 8 weeks of educational content with complete teacher guidance and support throughout

  • all inclusive course including detailed lesson guides, schedule suggestions, example workbooks, answer sheets, and automated online grading and submission portal.

  • differentiated with extension, stretch-and-challenge, scaffolding and support content provided

  • online forum and teacher-only webinars for collaborating with global educators, sharing best practice and cross-curricular CPD

  • tips and tools for getting the best out of your students and encouraging guided independent learning

for schools
  • opportunity to be part of a global community of participating schools

  • global recognition as an Ellipsis Earth citizen science partner

  • inclusion in named partner schools group 

  • opportunity for inclusion in social media and press coverage

  • curriculum enrichment across a range of disciplines

  • opportunity to connect and collaborate with your wider community

  • fosters a culture of eco-wellbeing among your students, staff, parents and wider community

for the planet
  • reduction of environmental pollution through litter clean up and removal

  • reduction of new littering due to long term behaviour change

  • creation of a generation of youth guardians for the environment

  • fewer harmful materials ending up in the natural environment

  • less impact on biodiversity, populations, habitats and ecosystems

  • wider positive impacts on agriculture, clean water, public health and global economy

  • helping to achieve UN SDGs, leading to a healthier, happier planet!

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"Our students enjoyed the whole process of creating their final project. It was amazing to see them trying to bring new ways to display data and the main purpose was that they took so much care about the plastic pollution that is affecting the world."

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