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Exclusive to Ellipsis Earth, our educate programme includes full access to a complete series of live interactive webinars with real-world scientists, industry experts and environmental professionals

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"I think the best thing about the project is that we were all working together as a team even though everyone was miles apart from each other. Contributing to a global project with the goal of saving the environment was really special and I liked how everyone shared their results and knowledge after the project." 

Year 11 student, ISP World Schools

interact with science experts, hear about their latest work and discover the real-world applications of their projects!

example speakers:

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Ellie Mackay
environmental scientist

Ellipsis Earth


Duncan Geere
information designer


Dr Jenni Garden
sustainable materials scientist
 Edinburgh University


Bryony Benge-Abbott
environmental artist​


Jack Lucas
marine biologist & fieldwork leader
Scottish Government


Trewin Restorick

founder & CEO


"I really enjoyed the webinars because they gave us so much info about this topic. I learned so much about plastics and how it affects the environment, and I loved that I could actually be a part of it speaking to the scientists! We got to share our work with other students and hear about projects from so many countries"

Year 8 student, Mexico

ask a scientist

find out anything you ever wanted to know about life as a research scientist, careers advice and inspiration

be a factfinder

get to grips with a different specialist topic each week, from biodegradable materials to public engagement

bust those myths

delve into the big misunderstood topics and be able to explain them once and for all!

get help with your data

ask the specialists about your own research projects and hear their advice and suggestions for your own research

global audience
  • connect with schools, students and teachers around the world

  • internationally renowned expert speaker panel
  • representation, diversity and inclusion across a wide range of STEM subjects and industries

on-demand streaming
  • watch live in multiple time zones, or catch up at your convenience

  • dedicated teacher webinars available throughout the programme or on request

interactive learning experience
  • students can ask live or presubmitted questions

  • presentations of student work in global showcase

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"They loved knowing that they were part of a international research project and I can already see the future changemakers in the making.  This was such an amazing opportunity for all of them." 

Middle School teacher, Spain



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