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BCP Council, UK

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This summer Ellipsis Earth conducted the most scientifically robust litter surveys ever undertaken in the UK, to map and evaluate littering in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole.


These trash 'treasure maps' highlighted exactly where and when to place fun, interactive interventions that reward people who participate in litter disposal. And the specific details in our data enabled Hubbub to develop unique targeted interventions such as glow-in-the-dark bins and disco bins, specifically aimed at encouraging positive behaviour from night-time partygoers!

Our surveys were then able to evaluate the effectiveness of different interventions and provide further recommendations to the local council on how to maximise their litter cleaning routes and times, as well as lots of ways to reduce litter production across the city. 


Results showed that where our data was used to inform decision-making, litter was reduced by an average of 75% and in some areas up to 90% less litter was dropped.

Ellipsis Earth is now calling on other councils across the UK to take a data-driven approach to litter management, and to join the intelligent litter revolution! 


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