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we can...


...turn trash into treasure

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We harness the power of
machine learning and real-world data

to create
an entire ecosystem for environmental change 

Our award-winning system is rapid, accurate and fully automated, making it safer, easier, more useful and more cost-effective than any other existing survey or monitoring method.


Our data is critical for properly targeting your solutions, as well as being the only truly accurate way to evaluate changes and measure impact, all of which accelerate the journey to a lower environmental footprint for your brand, city or region.

unlimited real-world surveying...


highways, roads
& motorways

Empty Beach

beaches, harbours & coastal areas

Industrial City

towns, cities
& urban spaces


rivers, canals 
& waterways

parks, green spaces & rural spaces

We have worked in a wide range of locations and land uses, in countries all over the world, and with a variety of brands, councils, NGOs, academic institutes, and national governments. 


Our recommendations have led to drastic reductions in local and regional environmental impact, and our ongoing monitoring enables continued, long-term sustainable impact goals to be achieved.

If you would like to partner with Ellipsis Earth to measure and reduce your environmental impact, or to find out more about our work, contact us below:

Thanks, we'll be in touch!

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