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Ellie Mackay - CEO & Founder

Ellipsis Earth was founded in 2019 by Cambridge and Imperial scientist, award-winning filmmaker and extreme environment drone pilot, Ellie Mackay. Her vision is to create an integrated ecosystem for environmental change, through independent global research, disruptive education, exploration and creative media, all underpinned by Ellipsis’ unique system for mapping the world's environmental impact. Mackay is global ambassador for WomeninTech and GirlsinSTEM and is supported by an experienced and dedicated team of passionate specialists, all of whom share a desire to drive lasting impact with collective input and open collaboration.

Alex Dilnot-Smith - COO

Alex spent ten successful years working in business development for data, analytics and consumer engagement platforms, and is an expert backend systems leader. He joined Ellipsis to apply his expertise to a new challenge with the potential for greater positive impact for the planet, and has been instrumental in developing the growth and strategy of Ellipsis Earth using his expertise in both the industry and computer sciences. Alex heads up our operations division and oversees all major projects across our global portfolio.

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Tim Pruett - Software Engineer

Tim has over 15 years of experience focused on finding creative solutions to challenging enterprise problems in a variety of industries, from Fortune 500 eCommerce companies to real estate agencies. This, along with his own personal interests and projects, has left him with numerous programming languages and technologies under his belt. He has an enthusiasm for environmental projects and for using data to drive change, so is excited to be involved in the Ellipsis Earth team and developing cutting-edge technology to support our mission.

Andy Screen, Design

Andy joined the team early on due to his desire to work with environmental startups, bringing the brand to life with his vision for visual design and his creative enthusiasm.

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Science Advisors & Business Advisors

Ellipsis Earth is supported by a team of scientific advisors across several disciplines from ocean geochemistry to plastics, who offer valuable assistance and guidance.

Ellipsis Earth has also graduated from several software startup accelerators, including the European HatchCo Lab in Geneva, the Sustainable Oceans Alliance accelerator programme in San Fransisco, and the Google for Startups Sustainability accelerator in London and Tel Aviv. These programmes generated huge interest in support and investment in Ellipsis Earth, as well as a wealth of business mentors who remain proactively committed to supporting our work and linking us with global partners.

Data Capture team

Ellipsis Earth has a global network of data collection teams, from aerial drone pilots to ground-based vehicle operators, all of whom work with ellipsis technology and products to survey and improve the environment in their local communities. This has included local capacity-building in developing countries by providing scientific fieldwork training, drone pilot training and data analysis training to aspiring team members.

Data Analytics & SciComm team

Ellipsis Earth's in-house expert data analysts, statistics and modelling teams, infographic specialists and science communication professionals work together to distil and translate the huge wealth of information generated by Ellipsis technology. This allows us to create award-winning impact campaigns, public engagement content and accessible reports for all our projects, all of which amplify and extend our impact and both local and national scale. 

Educate team

Our Ellipsis Educate programming is run by the Ellipsis Earth team with support from dedicated education development and outreach professionals, content creators and education specialists, including webinar contributors from a wide range of environmental and public-engagement disciplines. In addition, student graduates of our Educate programmes can become certified Ellipsis Earth Environmental Ambassadors for their school and/or country to further enhance local impact.

our mission

To end the reliance on incomplete, inaccurate, biased, inefficient and costly environmental monitoring, which leads only to wasteful and ineffective solutions...


...and instead to create a global database of reliable, comparable, accurate, objective and factual data for effective, scalable and lasting sustainable reduction of our environmental footprint, and to communicate it to the public effectively.

With Ellipsis Earth technology, we can...


  • accurately measure, map and monitor unlimited key metrics

  • identify trends and hotspots across location, time and demographics

  • inform & educate the public with targeted campaigns

  • directly reduce environmental footprint with targeted effective solutions

  • provide quantifiable impact data for justifying expansion of successful initiatives 

  • influence long-term, lasting and wide-reaching change

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