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The Ellipsis Earth platform accepts imagery from any source including the Ellipsis Earth App
(iOS & Android), smartphones, drones and fixed cameras on cars or bicycles. 


our custom machine learning, software can identify 47 litter items to more than a 93% accuracy and 95% certainty. In addition, the software holds brands accountable by classifying more than 20 brand logos including McDonald's, Coca-Cola, Burger King etc

heatmaps and pinpoints visualise the distribution of litter identified using the Ellipsis Earth software. Get ahead by using data to quantify bin performance and even locating common causes of litter with features Bindex and Source


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our platform

case studies


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Ellipsis Earth Ltd (12356412), registered to 35 Thurloe Street, London, SW72LQ. For more details, see privacy and terms of use

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